Foreigners Course

Mandarin Course for Foreigners

As the relationship between mainland China and Hong Kong grows closer, the ability to communicate in Mandarin is becoming more and more important to those who plan to visit or conduct business in mainland China.
Our Mandarin courses are designed for professionals and their families in Hong Kong. We customize the programs to fit individual needs, providing an ideal place for learning Mandarin in a more casual way. We also provide support and background information about Chinese customs, lifestyle and cultural values to students who are planning to travel to or work in China.
General Mandarin
Beginner levels
Business Mandarin
Chinese Writing
Chinese Made Easy for Kids
Private Course
• One-on-one tutoring to identify personal and professional needs
• Learning results will be maximized
Group Course
• Individual students with similar level of Chinese language knowledge
• An opportunity for meeting new friends and networking.
• Classes are at a regular time schedule (once per week or twice per week) and location
• 2-5 students in each class
• You are welcome to form a group course with your friends
Please feel free to book a FREE assessment to determine your level and let me know your needs or any particular areas that you would like to focus on.

 All our courses can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.